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The EyeStar-D2 Duplex Globalstar Communication System is an end-to-end duplex data link using access to the Globalstar satellite network. It provides users with real time, 24/7, global data coverage at rates of up to 700 Bytes/sec, with 50% data throughput over the globe. Data is received in near real-time, at a data latency of 1-5 seconds. The system already includes the ground segment, with access provided to the NSL Online Ground Station. Access your data through the web for commanding, or view, analyze, and download it. Web API and a FEP are also available for users to create their own console, with the data pushed to your IP address. The Duplex is excellent for 24/7 commanding ability, no need to wait for your satellite to fly overhead. With the ability transmit over 30 Mbytes/day, the Duplex is able to handle the downlink for the bulk of your science and payload data.

NSL is an authorized Globalstar VAR and has worked with Globalstar to develop the only certified Globalstar-compatible satellite radios, antennas, licenses and data plans. The EyeStar-D2 Duplex, has multiple successful missions on GEARRS1, GEARRS2, SHARC, and Challenger, with an on-orbit success rate of 100%. It was orbit tested at altitudes of 110 to 700km. The EyeStar-D2 is at TRL 9, and is manifested for launch on 6 more missions in the next year.

We have recently worked extensively with Globalstar and FCC to make sure we meet all of the recent new requirements for licensing and conformance and with the ITU.  We have added additional firmware, RF filters, and have currently completed the new antenna pattern testing for the Duplex antenna with finite ground planes. Some of the current features include a suite of software and a processor that controls and interacts with the modem, user transparent upload and downloads with well-known protocols, software that continues uploads/downloads for interrupted transfer sections, SMS software processing, encryption and compression options, a suite of general commands, and many optimal applications of the modem in orbit.  You should be up and running in a few days after receiving the flight unit and we fully support any tech questions you might have.

Engineering Models (EMs) and Flight Models (FMs) are available for Academic and Commercial/Research users. A number of new requirements by Globalstar and the FCC have been included in the Duplex for compliance. The one-year subscription is akin to a data plan. Data plans range from $0.00004/byte to $0.00002/byte, or about 250 times cheaper than the Simplex. Receive support for the FCC licensing, or have an NSL engineer fill out the licensing applications for you.